Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Land Of The Dead

OK, so since i said in the subtitle i make games, i thought i should do a post related to it.

This is my latest game, Land Of The Dead. It's a zombie shooter where you run around shooting waves of zombies with an AK-47. Pretty standard stuff really, but i was pleased with how the game came out and it looks almost half like a real game. Gets a bit boring after a while, but ah well.

These pictures are some what out of date as the game has changed a lot since, but you get the idea.

You can download it by clicking here. It is an .EXE file and need uncompressing first. It will only run on Windows with Direct X, and I'm not sure how well it'll work on Windows 7 or Vista... so good luck.

I write all my games in Dark Basic, in case your interested.

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